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I think that perhaps sleeping is hereditary; not REM filled unconsciousness, but how we sleep. I did a brief catalog of my closest relatives.

Insomniacs: 2/5
Sleep walkers: 1/5
Mild snoring: 3/5
Major snoring: 1/5
Hallucinations (fever induced): 2/5
Erratic sleeping patterns(sleeping 3 hours one night, but 12 the next):2/5
Sleep talking: 1/5
Dreams in color: 5/5
Remembers dreams: 5/5

Just looking at what data I've gathered so far I can tell:
I have a messed up family! It's amazing we sleep at all!

As for nightmares I've only ever had one: It involved my brother eating a taco salad, I woke up screaming for no discernable reason.
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I'm my own Physiatrist now...
I think I've figured out why I get along much better with guys rather than girls: I created a list of all my childhood tormentors, with only one exeption all female.
I have 4 female friends now and a couple others I'm friendly with, all in all significant progress from the 2 I had in school.
I think I'm ready for a grey beard and glasses that go all the way down my nose.

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My mother has a friend with several children, whom she loves dearly and gives everthing to;
These same children she dotes opon constantly treat her like garbage.
They expect her to keep the house clean (by herself), feed them, and they feel that they can flaunt the house rules whenever they feel like it!
For instance the second oldest feels that she has the right to have her boyfriend over all night (for reasons I feel are unnessisary to explain in detial.) despite the fact that her Mom said: No staying past 12.
It's not that she has a boyfriend, that's not it; it's just that she lives in her mothers house, she should follow her mothers rules.
The youngest is 15, you would think the others would learn more resposible behavior at this point.
In any case my mom would never accept this kind of behavior from any of us; reguardless of my age, my mother would take me over her knee and spank me.

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I'm writing this blog in order to post stories and disturb people out with how odd I am; that being said I would appreciate comments on my stories and perhaps the odd spelling or grammar correction.
Tell me what you liked; tell me what you didn't; I don't mind criticism; after all, how else can I get better?

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