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June 29th, 2007 - 4277311
I think that perhaps sleeping is hereditary; not REM filled unconsciousness, but how we sleep. I did a brief catalog of my closest relatives.

Insomniacs: 2/5
Sleep walkers: 1/5
Mild snoring: 3/5
Major snoring: 1/5
Hallucinations (fever induced): 2/5
Erratic sleeping patterns(sleeping 3 hours one night, but 12 the next):2/5
Sleep talking: 1/5
Dreams in color: 5/5
Remembers dreams: 5/5

Just looking at what data I've gathered so far I can tell:
I have a messed up family! It's amazing we sleep at all!

As for nightmares I've only ever had one: It involved my brother eating a taco salad, I woke up screaming for no discernable reason.
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